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RSS Bandit wins the day

I’ve been working for some time to raise awareness of Web 2.0 in the organisation for which I work. It’s been a long journey and I’ve blogged about the early stages of this process here. One of the keys requirements is to introduce a feed reader. Conventional Wisdom is that without one, adoption of Web 2.0 technologies is far less likely to succeed.

My approach has been to adopt RSS Bandit. It’s a tatical solution because in 18 months time we’ll be looking to roll out Vista and the whole picture will have changed. That will be the time to make a long term decision that can justify some spend. Well, this approach has now been ratified by our Global IT folk, so we will be looking to roll it out in the UK real soon now.


Group blogs on Community Server

I’ve just tried to set up a group blog. The intention to have multiple authors posting to one single blog around an event we are holding internally. It seems that the only way to allow people to author posts is to give them full management of the blog. This means they are able to delete posts by other contributors and change everything about the blog, including the title.

It would seem that WordPress does a better job for this sort of solution, although I haven’t tried to do Windows Authentication with the WP engine. So it looks like I’m stuck with CS this time, the event it too close to try anything else. I’ll know for next time, unless there are changes coming down the line or I’ve missed something.

Admin group in CS

Setting up a new Community Server 2.1 with Windows Authentication Module is easy. However, configuring the admin users to link to a local or AD group proved tricky. I discovered the answer on the CS form, basically the user is given the admin role when the account is created if they are in the group specified by adminWindowsGroup. If they are not in the group at the time of creation adding the user later won’t work. In CS 2.1 you can now delete a user (which is ok for a new site, where the user has no content). Otherwise your only option is to manually assign the user to the admin role.

Update: Another thing to note, setting adminWindowsGroupIsSystemAdministrator to “false” means the members of the built-in adminitrators group will not be admins on the site – only the group specified by adminWindowsGroup. Set it to “true” and you get both groups.

Search broken by CS upgrade

I realised after the last post the search was broken after I had done the upgrade to Community Server 2.1. I was getting no results, others will see only new posts in the result set (I presume). Fortuantely the fix is pretty easy. I posted to the CS forum here and got an impressively quick (25 mins) reply from one of the CS Team taking me to this post, which has the solution.

Upgrading community server to 2.1

Well, I upgraded my community server to 2.1 (.NET 2) today. All went smoothly except that the SQL upgrade script wouldn’t run. I found that I was missing the schema patch #52. Quick search on the forum revealed a link to patch #52, which I ran. After that no problems.

Two changes were needed in the web.config file:

  1. The connectionString to the database: just pull the value parameter from the >appSettings> section and paste that into the connectionString in 2 places.
  2. Changed authentication to Windows. I don’t seem to have to install the extra dlls that I was given when I purchased this module.

Blogroll on Community Server

I wanted to publish my blogroll on Community Server (running version 2.0) and found that there's no import for an OPML file. Each link must be entered independently! No way – useless. Then I found Keyvin Neyyeri's Blogroll Converter. No brainer, if this works it will go on my site. I won't get time to load it on until the week after next at the earliest though.

Community Server Editor

I've added the community server Telligent's FreeTextBoxWraper replacement assembly for CS v2.0 addin into the sandbox some months ago and was impressed by it. I haven't loaded into the production CS until this week because of time.

I noticed two side effects, both of which appeared in the sandbox, but I hadn't noticed or associated to the change in editor.

  1. The Preview tab when posting a new blog shows the loading message and animation, but never showed the preview.
  2. The RSS Available feed when doing a search broke.

I was able to recreate both in the sandbox by removing the Editor and putting it back.

I took the opportunity to rebuild the production CS, but making a fresh copy of the Web folders, copying in the Windows Authentication files and taking the web.config, siteurl.config and communityserver.config files from the previous build (after editing out the changes made to install the editor). It was nice to see that I could still build the CS with such little fuss.