Office 2.0 is not…

Stowe Boyde writes an interesting post listing three things that Office 2.0 is NOT.

  • It’s not about productivity — personally, I’m willing to swap productivity for connectedness everytime. As a result, I keep my IM clients open even in meetings, while I am on the phone, and while working on client work.
  • It’s not about being “dead easy” — some things are necessarily complex, and if you try to simplify them you wind up with something that is unusable: for example, textile is easy but leads to badly formatted text.
  • It’s not about better knowledge management — social apps allow us to learn what others think, but not manage what they think.

Ultimately most things boil down to conversations. I stumbled across this interesting looking book, The Cluetrain Manifesto. Chapter 4, Markets are Conversations, is published on the web – it’s quite long and I haven’t read the whole thing yet.

Conversation is a profound act of humanity.


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