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Finally some light… RSS reader on Vista

UPDATE [Sept ’07]: I am the Infrastructure Architect for a 9000+ organisation. We finally deployed RSS Bandit and RSS Feeds are being created on the Intranet and in applications. The picture is far from complete as I attempt to build out capabilities in the Social Software space and pitch these into the existing technology ecosystem. For the last year all my blogging has been internal, but I’ve recently started putting some thoughts back out into the public arena. If your struggle reflects mine you might find my new blog of interest.

It looks like perhaps the RSS functionality I was hoping would come with Vista to replace my tatical current choice of RSS Bandit may be in the offering. I had feared that MS would invest all their effort into making Outlook the reader client of choice, which kind of excludes those firms that don’t use Exchange.

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Microsoft Launches Desktop Feed Reader

If these tools are bundled in with Vista, and we assume they will be, PC-based desktop aggregators like those offered by Newsgator are going to be in a very tough position competitively.

UPDATE: Max turns out to be a dud – Finally tried Max.

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Downgrading Enterprise 2.0

Richard Young writes to the Enterprise 2.0 concept in an article titled Enterprise 1.6. I especially like the article by Tom Davenport to which he refers.