Urchin won’t fly, but I have a plan

I’ve had another look at Urchin and it doesn’t look like it will do the business for me. It’s kind of what I have in mind, but, learning curve aside, it doesn’t look like it’s trying to achieve the same thing – sorry if I’ve misunderstood.

I’ve had a look through the data model of Urchin and started to plan one myself. I particularly want the feature that will roll several feeds into one. As I thought about interfaces/APIs I wondered about the Common Feed Store if IE7 and Vista. Would it be possible to copy that API, or better to utilise that store? This is the direction I’ll be going in for now, unless something comes up.  One aspect I don’t see in the Feed Store is security, so I’ll have to plan to layer that on top.

What I like about it is that the Feed Store will handle all the scheduling of updates to feeds. It has a folder structure that could facilitate the mashup of feeds. In order to support the idea of plugins to gather feeds from other sources – e.g. screen scrapes of HTML, a database or some other XML – I will create feeds to localhost/htmlscraper.aspx?args, or something like that.

It all seems to be sensible to me right now, however, elation is that feeling you have when you get a good idea, and just before you realise what’s wrong with it.


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