Where to from here #2

Okay, I think I’ve found something that I might keep blogging here – a new mission, shall we say. How to RSS enable an enterprise.

I will still try to find the time to cross post from internal to external, because I think that will be useful. The trouble is I can say so much more on my internal blog that I wouldn’t say out here, and I just don’t have time to re-edit – besides I don’t know what value, because I don’t know who would read them.

My mission to generate enough interest in RSS, blogs and wikis has gathered a momentum of its own. The underlying technology platform that I chose has remained pretty static; viz. Community Server (standard edition with Windows Authentication module) for blog hosting and MediaWiki for wikis (although I did set up an experimental blog using the WordPress engine for one of the directors last week). The challenge of officially allowing people to blog remains just that, a challenge. I’m going to be writing a blog policy for our IT department; we’ll see where it goes from there.

I’m also going to change the look of the site. Whilst I love the two column layout I can’t stand the colour scheme and the heavy boxy post column.


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