Where to from here

It’s nearly a month since my last post. That’s not because there has been no progress in the take up of blogs, it’s more that it has taken on a bit of a life of it’s own. The seeds that I have sown over the past months have started sprouting activities all of their own.

  • A decision has been made to select a proper global standard RSS reader.
  • Two parts of the business are wanting to do their own experiments with social software.
  • The use of wiki’s as a collaboration tool has been very succesful within the two groups using it in IT that it is being more widely adopted.
  • My internal blog has a good readership and some of the posts have generated healthy discussion involving people from other countries.

It is this last piece that causes me to wonder where to from here. I want to maintain this blog, and to do so I will need to expand the subject matter to my general ramblings on IT. However, I can’t be bothered to copy/paste my posts between the my internal blog and here. In some cases I have to restrict what information I publish here, and I don’t want to have to edit my posts twice. I have to find a workable solution – and this is my next task.

If I fail, this has been fun and will most likely be my last post. Interestingly, the two posts that get the most hits are Playing with MediaWiki (34% of hits) and Using LDAPAuthentication.php with AD on (23%), so there are many others who are trying to do the same as me and I hope the information is useful.


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