Blogging Directive

Well, I met our IT Director this week. Having come away from the Blogs and Socail Media Forum determined to just press ahead myself I got a bit of a "hold it" message from above, so couldn't. Having had a good feeling about the blogs going ahead and seeing Wikis not really going anywhere this meeting kind of shifted everything around. We didn't even get time to talk about RSS!

There was a great deal of concern over what people would blog about – and who would read it, and a great deal of interest in using Wikis to brainstorm ideas, or similar activities, that currently see a vast amount of emails flying back and forth.

So the state of play is that we'll lock down access to the blog platform to just one part of the UK organisation. For me, this is a shame, because I know of a few people globally who have been reading my blog and it has begun to provoke a dialog. As a little test of my popularity (I hope my self esteem is up to it) I challenged any readers who would be cut out to reply to my blog, and if I got enough I might set up a separate blog and cross post relevant articles to the open blog.

On the positive side, and despite this not having been advertised yet, two new bloggers have started posting this week.

Another positive, is that the interest in Wikis gives me more reason to work on the SSO for MediaWiki. I posted recently that I would hopefully get some time. I did, I got the Auth_remoteuser.php script and read it through. I did a search replace to support AUTH_USER instead of REMOTE_USER, and that was as much time as I had.


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