Challenging introduction

Despite a lot of work at the beginning of the year I still don't rate the introduction of blogging a success – in fact we haven't really even launched. The platform is there and has been running for a long time. I've had useful meetings with the IT Director and he is behind the project – even keen on seeing it spread – yet he's been sitting on a launch email for over three weeks :-(.

I've selected the RSS Reader (free), which I was glad to hear mentioned on Hanselman's podcast on Syndication as one of this top 3 (btw, I found this a good roundup on the subject and would advertise to any slightly techy person wanting a good introduction). Another linked company in Europe has selected Awasu as their reader, primarily due to the scripting functionality in the product. I like the features, but it's a cost per seat that I can't justify just now. Bandit has started to leak onto desktops (inhouse customised standard installer) as people I talk to want to dip their toe into the water.

We've begun to get requests from client facing elements of the business to set up internal blogs – still apparently no one is seeing any value in external blogs, and I tend to agree. I'm not yet convinced that these people have a good idea of what they will achieve with blogs. Nevertheless, it is showing that we need a policy to answer these requests.

Apart from the releationship building/networking aspect of blogs that I'm trying to build within the IT Services part of the organisation (in UK first, but globally) I have had one other idea that seems to be gaining traction with the right people. That is to give each of our new intake of college students in September a blog and let them use this as a means of networking between them. This would be internal access only, but over time might prove valuable to make them available externally. Scoble blogged about this effect on MS recuitments.

This week I'll be going to the Blogs and Social Media Forum, where I hope I will find new ways to progress this introduction. I'll also have a few other meetings with the upper echelons of power over the next 2 weeks regarding social media that I hope will move things forward.

BTW, I will almost certainly have a day this week to have a go at making the Wiki single sign on – encouraged by the comments made to an earlier post.


One response to “Challenging introduction

  1. G’day

    Glad to hear that you like Awasu. I can’t find anything in my email to indicate that you have contacted us about pricing but you might be surprised at the prices we can offer for larger orders and site licenses 🙂 Please shoot us an email if you’d like to talk about this some more.

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