Community Server Editor

I've added the community server Telligent's FreeTextBoxWraper replacement assembly for CS v2.0 addin into the sandbox some months ago and was impressed by it. I haven't loaded into the production CS until this week because of time.

I noticed two side effects, both of which appeared in the sandbox, but I hadn't noticed or associated to the change in editor.

  1. The Preview tab when posting a new blog shows the loading message and animation, but never showed the preview.
  2. The RSS Available feed when doing a search broke.

I was able to recreate both in the sandbox by removing the Editor and putting it back.

I took the opportunity to rebuild the production CS, but making a fresh copy of the Web folders, copying in the Windows Authentication files and taking the web.config, siteurl.config and communityserver.config files from the previous build (after editing out the changes made to install the editor). It was nice to see that I could still build the CS with such little fuss.


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