Advertising the blogosphere

I'm about to advertise the blogosphere to groups of IT folk to see if I can get them blogging and see if they can get some sort of intelligent and useful conversation going.

I had a conversation with someone from the US firm regarding overall strategy for blogs/wikis/RSS and we got talking about how the culture of an organisation can cause blogs to fail. I half suspect that our organisation has the wrong culture, certainly in the UK. I don't think we are open enough, too worried about saying the 'wrong thing', worried about what others will think and want to prove that we are the big shot know-it-all.

Time will tell. I wonder what others think about what the right/wrong culture is for blogging. (I'm talking, of course, about internal blogging only here.)

I stumbled across this wonderful tool for creating flash demo's from screen recordings. It does what I've seen with Camtasia before – although outputting flash, and you can pop text onto the frames and put audio over it. Best of all it's free.


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