More annoyance with Windows Authentication

Having had the problem with trackbacks failing when using Windows Authentication (which will hopefully be fixed in the first point release of CS2 due in spring) I now find that Windows Authentication also causes the Weblogs API to break. As I use RSS Bandit I though it would be nice to just be able to post from there, so I installed w.bloggar. I was able to set this up fine to post to WordPress (I’m writing in w.bloggar now), I couldn’t get it to work with Community Server. So I turned off Windows Authentication in my sandbox, went in as admin to set the password for the user that was created to match my AD account and could then set up w.bloggar fine. Turn Windows Authentication back on and it won’t work – either times out or give a 401 (access denied) error. AARRRGGGHHHH!!!! I love and hate this module.

UPDATE: Got a quick response on the forum. Apparently it is w.bloggar that can’t handle Windows Authentication that is the issue.

Still, good for RSS Bandit – yet another great feature in this reader.

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