Where February got me

January seemed to be going so well, March is truely with us, so how far did I manage to push RSS and blogs in February. Well, the server setup was pretty smooth. I moved from beta 3 to RC1 and then RTM. I purchased the standard server and windows authentication licences and have a place to host a blogging community. A few of us have been blogging away, but I’m waiting to demonstrate this to senior management before a proper launch.

I’ve had a meeting with some people who oversee development work about embedding RSS in applications (mostly internal ones) as an alternate alert mechanism to the current email one. I sent an email today to the guy who heads this up globally, so there is probably more to come this month on that one.

I am also checking out what the owners of business risk think of the blogging community. Although all content is internal there are still potential risks and I want their view. I hope this doesn’t develop into a stumbling block – again probably more this month.

We have a standard reader going through our test lab. RSS Bandit threw a nice curve ball a few days ago, but all is well.

I’ll be doing an update presentation to the group to whom I first presented on blogs, RSS and wikis about 6 months back. I’ll have a lot to report. I’m meeting, too, with internal communications to discuss RSS this week. Then next month I’ll be presenting to our marketing department.

It’s great to write this down, because when I started the post I thought I hadn’t got much done, but looking back I’m still pleased with the progress. I hope we can launch the blogosphere by April.

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