Mediawiki and ImageMagick

Yeeouch, tried to install ImageMagick on one of the Mediawiki wikis this afternoon and it didn't want to play. There are several attempts at instructions from different people, each with some slight variation and none worked for us. If I, or one of my colleagues, gets it working I'll post here how we did it. If someone is reading this and has done it please let me know how.

My environment is IIS 6, MediaWiki 5.6, PHP5, MySQL 5, ImageMagick

Update: You don't need ImageMagick, just enable GD – see comments below.

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2 responses to “Mediawiki and ImageMagick

  1. Do you still have to install ImageMagick if you enable the GD library in php?

  2. Brian, an excellent point and well made 😉 I remember seeing something about that but was so focused on ImageMagick that I skipped over it. Simply enabled GD in php, restarted the web server and BANG – it worked. Fantastic! Thanks for the comment.

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