RSS Bandit not playing with CS

I found, to my horror, that having proposed RSS Bandit as a standard reader, having customised the installation and submitted it to our test lab, having then invested in Community Server standard licence and the Windows Authentication module and built an embyonic blogging community that Bandit would no longer read my internal feeds from Community Server. I tried the DesktopSidebar feed reader, and that had no problem with CS, and Bandit was fine with external feeds. Even setting login credentials within Bandit did nothing.

The error seemed to be in the handling of cookies. I found that build 029 of Bandit could subscribe to the CS RSS feeds, and that it was after 029 that cookie handling was added. I then found that Bandit has a setting in RSSBandit.exe.config to disable cookies – which are there to support feeds that use cookies for authentication. Having disabled this setting Bandit would now read the CS feeds again. Phew!

The setting, under >appSettings> is >add key=”UseCookiesFromIE” value=”true” />.

I have now to replace that settings in the customised Bandit installation and get that through the test lab. (Fortunately, testing had not begun with the original submission.)

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