Why I tried WordPress

Here are a few things that I found irritating with Community Server that caused me to think about using WordPress instead.


As a visitor you click on Blogs and get a digest of entries from all blogs. Click on one of these and you enter that blog and the navigation changes completely, with no obvious way back to the digest. CS 2.0 improves on this if your blog uses the default skin, use one of the other skins and you still have the same problem. As a blogger there was no direct route to your blog from the home page. You had to click Blogs, the blog group that you blog is in, and then the blog. In CS 2.0 there is still no way easy route. The control panel gives a quick route to post to your blog, but there is no link to the control panel on the home page unless you are an admin. Of course all of this is nothing to do with WordPress, but these things did drive me to consider WordPress, until installing it made me realise the value of the community aspect of Community Server – and I very quickly dropped WordPress. I am looking to build a community of bloggers.


I think the blog editor is the main aspect of difference between the two. I didn’t like the back and forth element for previewing a post in 1.1, the tabs are better in 2. I liked the ability to Save in WordPress which created a preview at the bottom of the page. I particularly like the ability to add categories ‘on the fly’ in WordPress, and the fact that it suggests categories from other blogs as you type. This encourages some commonality between blogs. Of course, WordPress encourages a large number of categories, the restriction in CS leads to far fewer categories begin created – this could be a good thing.

I like the ability in WordPress to save without publishing. To do the same in CS 2 you must go first to Advanced Options and say no to ‘Is this post published?’. Also, when you enter the editor in WordPress, unpublished (draft) posts appear at the top, so it’s easy to pick them up and continue – CS requires several clicks to get to a draft post.


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