Communityserver 2.0 beta 3 – take 2

I spent most of Monday going through the config options of CS, which are legion. There are a couple of things that didn’t make sense, like when you first join the site there is no obvious navigation elements telling you what to do next. So I created those – adding stuff to the sidebar. I used Firefoxes DOM inspector to find out what classes the default display elements used and replicated that to construct a navigation box going to the users control panel.
Otherwise, I’ve been poking data into the wiki, learning about categories and templates. It’s all extremely powerful and so useful for making information available. I’ll be adding links through from the wiki to the blog site too where, hopefully, people will be discussing current IT events.

My spanking new virtual server is nearly ready and it’s just gone January. I’m pleased with the progress. It’s nice to get the new year off to such a good start. Hope I’m not being lulled into a false sense of optimism. Time will tell.


One response to “Communityserver 2.0 beta 3 – take 2

  1. Hi Richard,

    I work for Telligent on Community Server. If you have a chance, could you ping me at scottw _REMOVE_

    I would love to chat with you about your CS expereinces.


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