The global reader

Following up from the request to specify an RSS Feed Reader for the UK, I have now put together a proposal to set a global standard for use within all affiliated companies across the globe. I’m proposing a tactical product selection as we don’t really know the functionality that will come with IE7 and Vista. I suspect the former won’t be much use, but there may be something in Vista. Of course, MS will probably build their best reader into Outlook for Exchange 12, which I think is due 2007 – would need to check that.

My recommendation is RSSBandit for a number of reasons. For one, being .NET it is highly unlikely to conflict with other applications in our image and it installs as power user – our standard level for users. I’ve already blogged about customising the install.

If this happens, it may be the catalyst for RSS being built into some of our internally developed applications as well as for use in internal communications. That is my hope, anyway.


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