Communityserver 2.0 beta 3

I had a play installing WordPress as an alternative blog engine. Whilst I really like WordPress as a blog application, communityserver has one major advantage – it is built around the concept of a community of bloggers – rather than just the one.

This is exactly the feature we need, and even though the blog experience is not as well featured, the fact that I can hold an unlimited number of blogs within the one space is so overwhelmingly brilliant that I can live with the blog engine. Don’t get me wrong, it’s works fine and is perfectly easy to use – just not as nice as WordPress.

When you visit the site, you get a view of the activity of the whole blogging community, not just each individual. In fact, you can subscribe to an RSS feed at this level and get a syndication for the entire community. I can’t express how useful I think this aspect of the application will be going forward.

I decided to have a go setting up Communityserver 2.0 beta 3. Setup went fine, proving that it wasn’t a fluke when I set up version 1.1 some months ago :-). Initial impressions are very positive – so much so, that I want to use version 2 beta 3 when I expand the blogging experiment next month.

I’m going to move the software off my desktop onto a virtual server, we’re just starting to adopt the virtual technology – a bit late in the day, I know. So it’s becoming semi official! Once I have the software set up, I will begin the arduous task of getting our techies blogging to each other.

I’m not too sure how I’ll tackle that one yet… perhaps it’s time to read Scoble’s book.


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