Interest in RSS is growing

I had a request from one of the business representatives, we actually have users who are wanting to make use of RSS – about time too. And the request arrives just as we are embarking on setting a standard for a reader.

I had a go at customising the RSSBandit install – hiding the dialog boxes and pre-setting prefs and populating the feeds. Actually it was all very easy (I use Wise to creat an MSI transform).

Because our business has several distinct units, plus splits across industry lines we will designing our deployment to facilitate several pre-defined feed lists, of which a user may take one or all. The feeds are held in RSSBandit in the user’s profile Application Data\RSSBandit\subscriptions.xml. So we will have one deployment job sending the application with no feeds, just configuration. We will have several jobs that manipulate the subscriptions.xml file to manage predefined feeds. This will require a simple bit of VBScript, but should give us a great deal of flexibility.

So it looks like we’ve reached the first rung in adopting social software – viz. having a standard feed reader. And it’s still only January!


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