Communicating via 2.0

Well, tomorrow I meet with the IT Director. I have 30 minutes to enthuse him on the use of news feeds/RSS as a means of communicating. One of my hooks will be the work that I have been doing to distill IT industry information for the senior management. I have been producing a regular newsletter called the Technology Update and have followed this up with a blog. I notice however, that the number of views remains appallingly low. I suspect there are 2 reasons for this:

  1. The target audience just read the Technology Update newsletter – at least some of them do, some are a bit sheepish if I talk to them about it. I estimate that about 70% actually read the thing.
  2. We don’t have a standard feed reader. The first rule in getting this technology working is to have a standard feed reader.

So, one of my desires from this meeting is to get backing from the director to adopt a standard feed reader. Then I would like him to see enough potential in RSS to sponsor trying it out on the IT department, on the basis that such a trial will prove or disprove the technology for wider adoption in the business.

I’ll post how successful I was tomorrow.


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