The chicken or the egg in 2006

How much buy in to Web 2.0 technology can I expect to generate in 2006? It’s not an easy sell. Still the most hopefull technology is RSS newsfeeds, but realistically I need to find a sponsor to create a standard feed reader.

This is a chicken and egg scenario. Why sponsor a feed reader when there’s nothing to read? Why create a news feed or a blog if people won’t keep coming back to read it – because they have no feed reader? All my meetings and presentations have been put off until late Jan or into Feb, so we won’t be breaking any speed records here.

Then there’s the Wiki. Creating a knowledge repository without moderation is a cultural shift and there’s some selling that needs to be done there. On my side is the fact that every moderated knowledge base we have tried has failed in the long term because content becomes stale. I hope that we will give community owned knowledge a go. Technically, integrating MediaWiki and Active Directory is the challenge. Are there solutions there or will I have to roll my own – I’ve not programmed in PHP before?


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