VoIP? Not outside my enterprise

We use VoIP internally for our telephone system and I think the technology is great. However, all the hype that has built up around the technology in the public domain is, from the point of view of the corporate, irrelevant.

Guy Kewney writes well on the lack of interoperability of the various players and suggests that their interest is in generating advertising revenue. The same issue has long plagued the instant messaging clients, although this has begun to change. I wonder if eBay’s purchase of Skype will put any momentum behind VoIP interoperability.


2 responses to “VoIP? Not outside my enterprise

  1. Skype is blocked in telecommunications network in China and I wonder what are they guys thinking of.

  2. I guess Skype in China is blocked because of its encryption. However, my point is that there is no place for these public solutions in the enterprise as or result of their lack of interoperability.

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