Chance for a Wiki

In all my work thus far to promote blogs and RSS technology the wiki has been the poor relation – nice, but really missing an application. Actually the only application I could find for it was as a knowledge repository for our IT Service Desk, and said as much in one of my internal newsletters.

Out of the blue, on Friday I get an email from the head of the IT Support asking about setting up a wiki as the knowledge base for IT Support staff. I wrote him an email giving all the reasons why I thought a wiki was the right solution, primarily the removal of the moderator based model of submitting content. Having had several databases in the past that have fallen into disuse it is time to try a new model.

When searching for blog software I picked sotware built soley on MS technology – Community Server. I have not, however, found a wiki built on MS technology that I feel comfortable using. I have therefore suggested MediaWiki – not just because it is clearly fantastic, but I really like what the discussion element gives to the sharing of knowledge in this group.

This decision has a number of implications. Firstly, it will be the first application that demands MySQL. I have been saying for a while that the IT department ought to build service offerings around MySQL and Apache. Doing so enables a huge amount of software that would otherwise be unsupportable in our environment. This wiki could open that door a bit.

I wonder what applications others have found for wikis inside organisations like mine, and what they use to host it.


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