Another bus goes the way of Microchannel

Today marks the last day of the London Route Master (hop-on-hop-off) buses. For those of you who have never experienced the thrill of chasing down a bus, leaping on the platform, hand firmly gripping the rail and realising your feet are not dragging along the street, there is unfortunately no time left. (BBC article)

Perhaps not quite as devastating as the destruction of the Three Gorges on the Yangtze – boy I wish I’d had the chance …


3 responses to “Another bus goes the way of Microchannel

  1. Three Gorges on the Yangtze is a kind of project to improve Chinese people’s life.

    Not destruction in their opinion.

  2. Whatever the benefits you cannot deny the loss. The new London busses may be more efficient, but something of the history of London has gone with the passing of the Route Master. My wife and I have always wanted to travel down the Yangtze and the Three Gorges was an area of outstanding beauty. I wish I’d seen it. It is a consequence of progress that things must change, that doesn’t mean we should not morn their passing.

  3. yup,I agree with you.

    The progress of industrialization has done many benefits to all of us .
    We know that things must change and the point is that people are readily to change—-who can stop it?

    Three Gorges is a place of beauty but more people view it as a potential energy-provider.”What we need is more power supply”,they claim.

    We gain a lot and lose a lot.

    p.s. I am studying in Three Gorges University,China.And when I visit the Three Gorges Dam near my school for the first time,my feelings are beyond words.

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