Marketing meeting

I’ve been picking away at getting people in my organisation to look at blogs/RSS for some time and journaling this under the Blog intro category.

So I met today with a guy in marketing. We talked a lot about the IT department and our relative perspectives (i.e. me from within, he from without). I rate our IT department about average in terms of its maturity, but we are actively working to move from being reactionary to proactive. Sometimes the pace of change is slow and there is a lot of cultural lag in the IT department that frustrates this change. Clearly it frustrates our customers as well.

So what did we say about RSS? Well, we talked about the cycle of communication with our clients, the publications produced by the business and the opportunities RSS presents in this field and hooking this into CRM.

We discussed the idea of blogging and I was surprised that there may be application for this too. Quite reasonably there is concern over starting something and not having the time/commitment to see it through – since here we are talking about generating content that is not currently being produced in another form. Payback on a blog may be a long time in coming, but unless you sit it out you’ll never get anywhere.

Heck, look at this blog. I’ve only been going for 3 weeks, I’ve had just 3 visitors (although two have posted comments – thanks, by the way), and I find myself wondering about the benefit? The journaling of this journey to introduce RSS will keep me going – so for me the visitors are a bonus, and their comments doubly so. However, if the success of my blogging was entirely based on number of visitors I would quickly begin to question what I was getting for my time.

On the other hand Tech blogs are a dime a dozen these days, but blogs in other sectors are much more thinly spread. Therefore, the opportunity to shine is there, and perhaps getting in early is essential. If the influence of the tech blog elite is anything to go by (see Scoble, Lee Gomes from the Wall Street Journal and Michael Arrington) the payback potential could serve to justify investing the time over the long haul.

So where did this meeting get me on my quest? I’m now going to be doing an information presentation on blogs, newsfeeds and wikis to a group from marketing and then a group from external communications.
I still have my meeting with the IT Director next week and I need to tackle internal comms.


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  1. your blog’s wonderful,not only this post.

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