Introducing blogging

My organisation hasn’t made any use of blogs, news feeds or wikis and I’ve been on campaigning to explore the potential of this technology for the last few months. This has involved educating people (both in the ‘what is this’ and ‘what is the world doing with it’) and envisioning.

The most positive response has been to RSS news feeds, and this mainly as a means of internal communication. Generally communication is currently one size fits all – either through our Intranet site (which is not a portal) or through blanket email. There’s no ability for the consumer (employees) to decide what information/communication they feel they should be getting. I hold the ZDNet feed page up as a brilliant example as to how to offer choice in what news people receive.

Neither blogs, other than for information/communication linked with news feeds, nor wikis have really captured the imagination of those with whom I have spoken.

So what have I done?

I have been publishing a technology newsletter for senior management for some time. This seemed ideal content for a blog so I set up an internal blog server on an old desktop. It caused quite a stir to begin with, but I am concerned that unless I can get the content pushed to people (remember my audience is senior management) they will start to drop off. Obviously there is a challenge to keep ensure the content is relevant, but I am trying to get people to load a feed reader as well (RSSBandit being my favourite). I also have my newsletter in which I can push the blogs.   

Apart from the use of the blog site as a news letter others are starting to think of other applications for blogs. Already we have a bunch of people testing smartphones, and we have a blog set up for them to share their experiences.

The experiment is only 2 weeks old and I’ll post updates as I go. I’d be interested to hear of other peoples experiences in introducing this technology.

On the technology side I used the Community Server software because it’s all based around MS technology, so it has a good fit for us. It also offers a scalable solution with a Commercial licence and ability to integrate with Active Directory.


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